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Ambient Music

(414 words)

I’m back after two weeks.  Most of you know our Broker Deal was acquired and the last two weeks have been a transition.  

Last Thursday- Sunday I went with a group to hike in Linville Gorge and take some time to think.  I’ll share my impressions next week in a post called “Trail Magic”  

This week I was introduced to David Perell.  In June he wrote a post about Serendipity.  Its well worth a read but I wanted to share a snippet that resonated with me and reaffirmed the purpose of the Friday “Above the RIM.  It's not to annoy you with a ghost-written piece intended for the masses.  Each week I sit down to share with you what's on my mind and heart.   

Here’s David drawing the parallel between Ambient music and relationships.   

“Ambient music is gentle and repetitive. It’s soothing and generates a sense of calmness. It plays in the background, and when you want to listen to it, all you need to do is shift your attention.

Relationships are like ambient music. Staying in touch with people isn't about being loud and aggressive. It's about subtle, regular connection.

Stay top of mind with the people who matter most to you.  

This is why I started a weekly email newsletter. Every Monday, I send out an email with nuggets about what I’m doing, learning, and thinking about. I want to make it easy for people to know how they can help me.  

Call people on their birthday. When you think of a funny memory with a friend, text your friend about it. If you watch a video they’ll like, forward it to them.  

Reach out to people you haven’t spoken to recently. When you do, try to have a reason for doing so. It’ll make the conversation much more fun.”  

This is the purpose of “Above the RIM” to create and maintain a subtle consistent connection with the people who matter to me.   

As we move forward this memo will take many forms and I hope to collaborate with experts in my industry who carry expertise that I don’t that you can benefit from.   

To those who have reached out with encouragement and feedback, THANK YOU.  If there is a topic you are interested in learning more about please let me know and please forward to friends and family that you think would be interested. 

I look forward to continuing this Journey. 

Have a great weekend and Take the Long View! 


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