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Randomness and Optionality

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. This phrase came from an interview with Patrick O'Shaughnessy where he talked with Josh Wolfe, founder of Lux capital.  From a secular standpoint everything seems random.  As people of faith, we know that the God who created the universe has ordered our steps. But we don’t have privilege to his master plan. So, each step in a way must seem random.  

Back to Josh & Patrick: 

Josh’s version of randomness and optionality consisted of taking as many meetings as he possibly could to create random opportunities that he could take option on. I don’t think that deviates too much from scripture.  In the story of the talents God or the master gave each person a set of talents. At the end of the period time he came back and asked for them to return a report on those talents.  

Reference Matthew 25:14-30 for the story.  


As we run our businesses, investments and our portfolios our job is to be faithful stewards with what the Lord provided for us.   

The beauty of this is just like God created us all unique, the requirements on our capital is unique to us. This doesn’t absolve us from taking proactive steps for our money to grow.  We need to invest our assets in a way that will allow us to be a blessing to those around us.  

One way of doing that is to integrate our thoughts and actions in a way that may seem random but will give us an option to take certain actions to grow our assets.  Put another way it’s saving and investing over and over and over again. It’s reading and taking meetings and learning about new markets.  It’s meeting with your accountant and your financial advisor to make sure that the moves you are making inside your 401(k), inside your investment accounts, with your real estate, with your home or putting you in a position to where you can take option and increase your wealth.   

One of my favorite conversations to have is with people who will reflect on the things in their life that seemed random but in hindsight were a crucial piece to their unique puzzle.   

Here is the full conversation with Patrick and Josh: 

Discussion on Randomness and Optionality starts at 8:17 


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