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The Whiskey Dividend

Its easy to forget that the market is made up of a bunch of humans working off of each other and that companies are a collections of humans as well.   

Its why even though computers and formulas are more involved than ever, markets are still very difficult to predict.   

My friend Jamie Catherwood tweeted a great reminder of this this week.  Here is the tweet below.  


A couple of thoughts.   

  1. 24 pints of whiskey seems like a lot.   

  1. While whiskey would be a nice consolation prize for the company you own shares of going out of business due to government regulation for a lot of people it wasn’t an adequate replacement for their cash investment.  

  1. Seeing the “whiskey dividend” made me think of what other products I would take from a company in lieu of cash for their dividend.  Of course there is the usual staples like gas or groceries but if I got creative I think I would want either something from Apple or Tesla. 

So, I’ll ask you.  What product from a company would you take in lieu of their dividend?  Be creative and let me know.  Ill share some ideas next week.   

Have a great weekend and Take the Long View! 



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